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「ScalersTalk 口譯進階小組」的前身是「ScalersTalk 交傳小組」,成立於 2015 年 2 月,現階段,小組繼續專注高級階段的交替傳譯與同聲傳譯訓練,在鞏固語言基本功的同時訓練各類口譯技能,從而為承擔正式場合的口譯打下堅實基礎。96 周起,小組全面引入 CATTI 新版二口教材的訓練,時間為每天晚上 8 點到 9 點,訓練期間播放錄音、記筆記,在空白處按暫停鍵後做口譯,用 QQ 發群語音,然後對照文檔,查找漏譯和錯譯的部分,標出口譯時較為困難的詞彙和表達,隨時發到群里;每天早上 6 點到 7 點訓練複述及同聲傳譯。


第 133 周訓練為同聲傳譯和複述。本日誌整理的是複述材料 The Film Business: See It Before It Leaves Theatres 的部分內容,文本地址:。


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第 133 周——複述材料知識點整理


Even by the standards of Hollywood, it sounds an unlikely pitch – an app that offers almost unlimited access to cinemas for $10 a month. The service, called MoviePass, pays cinemas full price for nearly every ticket that filmgoers use. By design, it loses more money the more people use it. The ending seems to be predictable. But might it have a twist?


  • pitch: informal the things someone says to persuade people to buy something, do something, or accept an idea 推銷;宣傳

    • make a/one’s pitch (for sth) 推銷/宣傳...

  • By design: as a result of a plan; on purpose, deliberately, intentionally 按照計劃;故意地

    • e.g.: Whether by luck or by design, his application was accepted.

  • twist: an unexpected development of events 意想不到的轉折

    • take a twist 峰迴路轉

    • twists and turns 一波三折


Helios & Matheson reported it had lost $242m in the nine months to June 30th and that its monthly losses would increase as the service becomes more popular. The firm wants to issue more shares and warrants to stay afloat, but that could be a hard sell considering that its share price has collapsed from $32.90 on October 11th to 18 cents.


  • warrant: a negotiable security allowing the holder to buy shares at a specified price at or before some future date認股權證(由發行人所發行的附有特定條件的一種有價證券,持有人有權以約定的價格和時間購買或者出售權證發行時就規定好的、已經在交易所掛牌的資產)

  • afloat: If a person, business, or country stays afloat or is kept afloat, they have just enough money to pay their debts and continue operating. 不欠債地;周轉順暢地

  • a hard sell: something that is difficult to get people to do or try 無人問津


Mitch Lowe, chief executive of MoviePass (and a former Netflix executive), professes to be undaunted by the losses. He says that the most frequent cinema-goers have taken up MoviePass subscriptions first, driving up costs. As more casual film-goers sign up, losses should abate. The service also recently announced some add-ons to help defray costs further, including 「surge pricing」 at times of peak demand. He hopes to get the cash burn of the core ticketing service down to $1 per subscriber, with a projected 5m subscribers by the end of the year. He plans to get MoviePass into the black by such means as advertising, for example, by promoting films to users in exchange for fees from studios. That is, if the money lasts.


MoviePass行政總裁Mitch Lowe(Netflix前高管)聲稱並不擔心目前的虧損。他表示,最先購買這項服務的人是經常去影院的人,這是虧損的主要原因。隨着去影院不那麼頻繁的用戶加入進來,損失會減少的。MoviePass 最近還公佈了一些附加條款以進一步控制成本,比如高峰時期觀影需要補足差價。他預計今年年底訂閱用戶將突破500萬人,希望原本燒錢的核心票務的成本屆時能夠降至1美元/人。他還計劃藉助其他宣傳手段轉虧為盈,比如向電影製片公司提供推介電影的收費服務。當然了,這一切的前提是公司的錢還經得起燒。


  • profess: to say that you do, are etc something, especially when it is not really true自稱;〔尤指〕偽稱,妄稱

  • undaunted: not afraid of continuing to try to do something in spite of difficulties or danger無畏的,勇敢的,不泄氣的

  • abate: vi. formal to become less strong or decrease減弱,減輕;減少

  • add-on: An add-on is an extra piece of equipment, especially computer equipment, that can be added to a larger one which you already own in order to improve its performance or its usefulness. (尤指電腦的)附帶裝置;瀏覽器的插件

  • defray: If you defray someone's costs or expenses, you give them money which represents the amount that they have spent, for example, while they have been doing something for you or acting on your behalf. 支付

  • into the black: into a profitable condition financially有盈餘,有結餘


MoviePass can already shift the box office. It buys 6% of all film tickets in America, according to Helios & Matheson’s SEC filing. Overall, national box-office receipts are up: from the start of the year to July 9th, they totalled $6.6bn, 8.8% higher than in the same period in 2017, according to Box Office Mojo. Mr. Lowe reckons that MoviePass can be credited for boosting ticket sales by 3%. In Hollywood, that sounds like the makings of a blockbuster, even if on Wall Street it is seen as a flop.


  • SEC: the Securities & Exchange Commission美國證券交易委員會

  • receipts: [pl.] the amounts of money received during a particular period by a business (企業某一時期的)收入、進款 本文的box-office receipts可譯為:票房收入。

  • flop: [C] informal a film, play, product etc that is not successful(電影、戲劇、產品等的)失敗之作




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